Summer 2013 GradFund Graduate Funding Mentoring Program

Are you a Rutgers graduate student interested in applying for external funding to support graduate and postdoctoral study? Apply to participate in the 2013 GradFund Graduate Funding Mentoring Program (GFMP) this summer!

The 2013 GradFund GFMP will help you develop your grantsmanship skills and prepare proposal writing for the 2013-1014 external funding application season and beyond. The GradFund GFMP is for novice and expert Rutgers graduate student proposal writers at any stage of study, whether they are planning to apply for an external award during the upcoming academic year or just want to learn to write competitive funding applications overall.

The 2013 GradFund GFMP features a new, 100% online format. Participants will be grouped with other students at a similar stage of study and level of grantsmanship expertise. Structured writing activities, weekly forum posts, small group peer review sessions, and optional individual appointments will guide participants through the development, review, and critique of fellowship and grant applications with an emphasis on community support and peer feedback. While the GradFund GFMP will provide structure and guidance, participants should plan to be engaged and self-directed in the online forum.

If you are interested in applying to the GradFund GFMP, you must email us before April 22, 2013 to schedule to a consultation meeting by May 3, 2013. Visit the GradFund Services section of GradFund Central for more information!

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