Start your Grant or Fellowship Application Now!

As we endure the second heat wave of the summer, many of your are enjoying a well earned break, vacationing at the shore, in the mountains or perhaps visiting an exotic destination.  Just as many of you are engaged in summer research either in your lab or perhaps overseas.  And for some of you, you are beginning to think about your transition into graduate school.

During these hot summer weeks, be sure to spend some time thinking about the fall application cycle, which will arrive in force in September.  But don’t wait until September 1 to begin to develop your fellowship and grant application essays.  If you have not yet started to work on your applications, now is the time to begin and we can help you!

GradFund is open for the summer and you can schedule an application review appointment and meet with us in our offices at 25 Bishop Place on the College Ave Campus or on-line through our Sakai meeting site.  If you are currently working overseas and concerned about the time difference, in July and August, we will have early morning (in the EDT zone) on-line meetings available for students who are currently working overseas.

If you would like to bring some structure to your writing process, consider joining a late-summer session of our on-line GradFund Mentoring program.

The GradFund Mentoring Program will help you develop your grantsmanship skills and prepare proposal writing for the 2013-1014 external funding application season and beyond. A fully on-line program, the Mentoring Program is for novice and expert Rutgers graduate student proposal writers at any stage of study.  These late summer sessions are specifically for students who plan to submit a fellowship or grant application during the fall 2013 application cycle.  The Mentoring Program involves weekly writing assignments and peer review to help you develop a competitive funding application and keep on track with your writing.  We are currently organizing two Mentoring Program groups, one to begin work on July 29th and a second to begin work on August 26th.

If you are interested in joining a Mentoring Program later this summer or in scheduling an individual appointment, send an email to to get started with the process.

About Teresa M. Delcorso-Ellmann

Assistant Dean for Graduate Student External Support and Director of GradFund, Graduate School-New Brunswick, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
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