The Potential Federal Government Shutdown and Your Funding Applications: What to Do?

As we move closer to October 1st and the looming federal government shut down, you are probably wondering how this will affect you on an individual level.  Take a moment now to begin to understand how a shut down may impact your applications to federally funded grant and fellowship competitions.  The Chronicle of Higher Education has a helpful article on How a Government Shutdown Would Affect Academe and Inside Higher Ed has an article on What the Shutdown Means for Colleges, Students and Scholars that they are updating throughout the day.  If the federal government shuts down, look for information from your specific funder but be prepared that the furloughed program officers and support staff will not be available to assist you.  Many graduate students are currently working on NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant applications with October and November deadlines.  The National Science Foundation has already issued guidance that its staff will not be available to respond to emails of phone calls during the shutdown and that Fastlane will not be available (Shutdown_2013_External_Guidance_NSF).   If you are working on an NSF application and there is a government shut down, don’t have that deter you.  Eventually, you will be able to submit the application.  Be sure to keep working on your application materials and to keep on top of any new developments regarding your funding program.

As we receive information and notices from federal agencies, we will post them here for you.  Be sure to check back regularly for updates.

If you have questions and you are a Rutgers graduate student, we are here to assist you.

Agency specific information on the government shutdown:





Department of Energy


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