Managing Your Federally Funded Fellowship and Grant Applications during the Government Shutdown

We are now in day three of the federal government shutdown and there is no sign of resolution.  While the shutdown means that you are unable to access the websites of most federally funded fellowship and grant competition and the program officers are furloughed and unavailable for consultation, keep working on your applications!  The shutdown does coincide with the major deadline season for graduate student grant and fellowship competitions but don’t let the uncertainty of the situation deter you from working on your funding applications.  Eventually, the standoff over the budget will be resolved and the grant and fellowship competitions will run.  Use this time to prepare the most competitive application possible.  While the funder’s website, on-line resources and application portals may not be currently available, you can still do a lot of productive work on your applications.  This is a good time to have your application essays reviewed by your faculty, fellow graduate students and GradFund.  If you have questions about your grant or fellowship competition, let us know.  We have archived the details of many current grant and fellowship competitions.  If you can’t get access to the information you need from the federal funder, let us know.  We are here to help!

About Teresa M. Delcorso-Ellmann

Assistant Dean for Graduate Student External Support and Director of GradFund, Graduate School-New Brunswick, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
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