Introducing: The 2015 Doctoral Funding Mentoring Program Cohort

Welcome to the Doctoral Funding Mentoring Program! We’ll be doing a lot of reading and writing this summer, so to get us in the right frame of mind for the kind of work we’ll be doing together we’ll be having some fun with public writing… in this case, blogging.

When most people think of “writing,” they think of important essays with deadlines and long nights toiling away at a desk. The way I see it, though, writing’s got a much more expansive definition. In order to help you develop your voice as a scholar who can speak to multiple audiences, each week we will ask you either to write or to comment on a blog post written by your peers in the mentoring group.Our hope is that blogging will encourage discussion within our community, while also helping you begin to craft your application materials. First up, introductions! But only from Subgroups 1 and 3 — remember, subgroups alternate between writing posts and writing comments each week. In your first post, tell us about yourself. Who are you? What are you passionate about? What drew you to work in your current field or discipline? What kind of writer, scientist, or educator are you? No need to be too formal, but do remember that these posts will be made public to the World Wide Web once they are released to GradFund Conversations by the blog editor – yours truly. Remember — the goal of these blogs is to give you a space to play with ideas, think about audience, and grow into your voice as a scholar. Show us who you are and let your personality shine through by including images, sound, video as appropriate, and don’t forget to choose a creative title! As a friendly reminder, blog posts and comments are due here on GradFund Conversations by Sunday, June 7th, at 9pm.

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