Greetings from New Orleans!

My name is Pamela Walker and I am an incoming PhD student to the department of History at Rutgers University. I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree in history in 2011 and graduated from the University of New Orleans with an MA in history about a month ago.

While I am a bit sad to leave the land of beignets, jambalaya, sunshine, 100% humidity, and [insert any remaining New Orleans identifiers here], I look forward to joining the thriving intellectual community that Rutgers has to offer. The transition to the Northeast will be an adjustment for me. I have spent virtually my entire life in the South and my academic endeavors have kept me here until this point. Rutgers, however, is the perfect opportunity for me to get out of my geographic comfort zone and was the obvious choice for me to continue my studies considering my research interests.

In broad terms, my research interests included African American history, women and genders studies, the politics of Southern poverty and twentieth century social movements.   My MA thesis allowed me delve deeper into these areas by examining the discreet but effective ways that black and white mothers participated in Civil Rights protest and resistance. While at Rutgers, I hope to explore the ideas from my MA thesis in greater detail and to shed light on the constraints that race, class, gender, and familial responsibilities have on participation in social movements.

I look forward to learning about funding opportunities through the GradFund Mentoring Program and getting to know you wonderful people!

Pam 🙂

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4 Responses to Greetings from New Orleans!

  1. Yay! Welcome to Rutgers, Pamela. I’m so excited and thrilled to have you in the History dept. The good thing is Rutgers is part of the consortium where you can take courses at Princeton, NYU, Columbia and other schools but you have a real thriving community in NB. Your work is important and i look forward to watching your project develop over time. ..with a little help from GradFund.

  2. Helen Elizabeth Olsen says:

    Hi Pamela,

    Welcome to Rutgers! Your research sounds really fascinating and also incredibly timely. I’m sure the transition to the NE must be strange, especially coming from New Orleans. I moved here two years ago from Seattle and found that Jersey took a bit of time to adjust to but it’s got some hidden gems!

    Looking forward to learning more about your doctoral research as we continue to blog!


  3. RachelBunker says:

    Welcome to the Department of History Pamela! It’s a great place! I’m a second year grad student in the department. There are many former Southerners in the program, so you should fit right in!

  4. Samantha Lee says:

    Welcome to Rutgers and the Mentoring Program!

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