Hi there!

Hi there!

Apologies for being super late with this post.

My name is Maria Espinoza. I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. I am now a Ph.D graduate student in the Sociology department. This is my first time posting, so please bear with me!

My research interests lie in the fields of environmental health, historical sociology, and biopolitics. I am interested in quantitative methods using longitudinal data, as well as in ethnography and archival research.

I am currently working on my first qualifying paper where I use panel data to explore spatial and temporal factors influencing the decline of cholera between and within lower income income countries over time. This summer, I’ll be attending an eight-week program in quantitative methods at ICPSR in Michigan, Ann Arbor. I hope that the skills and knowledge gained from this training will lead me to complete my first qualifying paper.

For my doctoral research, I would like to examine the relationship between three events that may have contributed to the emergence of a new ethical subject in Peru’s history: 1) the first wave of neoliberal structural adjustment in the health sector, 2) the hygienist discourse upheld by the cholera prevention campaign, and 3) what the media has called “the ceviche war,” a heated debate about the unequal distribution of cholera risk among different groups of the population in the early 1990s. The goal of this project is to trace how hygienist discourses and ideas about the body, life style, and individual choice were inserted as a rationale, a ‘common-sense,’ or a new morality among the population.

I look forward to learning the craft of grant writing, and to get a better sense of the kind of grants and fellowships that could support my future research. I am excited to be part of this group and I look forward to learning more about all of you and your research projects!

About Maria I. Espinoza

Hi! I'm a PhD student in Sociology. I'm interested in environmental health and historical sociology.
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  1. Kris White says:

    Hello Maria, I’m Kris, a Fellowship Advisor at GradFund. Please allow me to formally welcome you to the Mentoring Program. Your research interests seem very important in identifying how cultures respond to disease inequity. We hope you find your experiences this summer helpful in finding support to pursue these interests.

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