The Scholarship Breakdown

Graduate scholarships are awards that support academic expenses, such as tuition or fees, books, and research costs. They are usually smaller sums of money and are of particular importance for students completing professional and research-based master’s degrees, where little external funding may be available. They are usually provided by companies or professional societies to support students who meet their criteria of interest. While we have previously covered searching for funding, here we will discuss the different types of scholarships you may be able to find based on your particular course of study.

Graduate Program

The first place to start looking for scholarships is with your specific graduate department. Does your field have a professional society such as the American Psychological Association or American Chemical Society? Professional Societies aim to support students who are going to pursue careers in that field. These societies may also have links to complementary organizations that also offer scholarships.

Research Interest

Regardless of whether your field has a professional society, your particular research area within your field may have an organization or society that provides scholarships. For example, the Society of Imaging Science and Technology offers scholarships for students who perform research related to imaging in many different fields.

Honor Societies, Fraternities, and Sororities

Outside of your research, you may also find scholarships based on your membership to honor societies, fraternities, or sororities during your undergraduate or graduate studies. Other social societies, such as Daughters of the American Revolution, can also have scholarships.

Religious Groups and Hobbies

You may also find scholarships outside of your professional work and academic studies in your personal activities. Religious groups and hobby associations sometimes offer scholarships to members and/or children of members.

Heritage and Gender

You may also find scholarships that fit your heritage and/or gender, such as through the Navajo Nation or Society of Women Engineers.

Good luck searching!

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