Reginald P. Higgenbottom III

Reginald P. Higgenbottom comes from a prestigious family with a history of benevolence. He grew up in a small town and wished to get out and see the world. After a few volunteering excursions in low income cities throughout the United States, he knew that he wanted to continue his family’s streak of giving, but he would would do it a little differently.  Visiting these neighborhood opened his eyes to diversity he had not experienced.  He also saw the need for quality education to people in these towns and throughout all of the country.  He believes that education with an emphasis on diversity within the curriculum is essential to success and cultural literacy for all.  This entails curriculum that not only teaches about Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement, but also Malcolm X and the Black Power Movement.  It entails not only telling the story of slavery, but also telling of all the successful empires in Africa that reigned for centuries before European colonization.

That being said, Mr. Higgenbottom is looking for a candidate that is passionate about education in including diversity in their teachings, as well as a candidate from a diverse racial background.  As he giving by nature, he would love to hear about any volunteer experiences as well as evidence of my commitment to education.  He wants to see that I have good grades, that my professors think that I have great potential, and that I am dedicated to teaching.

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2 Responses to Reginald P. Higgenbottom III

  1. Ashley Hollingshead says:

    From the description alone, I’m excited for your work and I hope that you receive this fellowship. I’d love to see your work go far.

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