Meet Dr. Catherine Carter With SSRC

Hello everyone! This is Ke (or Coco, if you prefer double syllables :-)) from Guangzhou. I am writing my second post introducing you to my imaginary funder— Dr. Catherine Cater with SSRC.

A former professor of intercultural communication (with double phds in business management and international politics), Dr. Carter is now working with SSRC (The Social Science Research Council) when her family moved to NYC because her second child’s deteriorated asthma doesn’t agree with the arid climate of southern California.

Dr. Carter identifies with SSRC for the nonprofit organization’s claimed mission– nurturing new generations of social scientists, fostering innovative research and mobilizing necessary knowledge on important public issues– claps with her own professional goals and beliefs. What is more, SSRC provides her with a great platform to work with a broader range of people in social sciences, humanities and related professions. Instead of teaching and doing research alone in the university, this organization allows her to apply theories into practice through making fruitful international as well as interdisciplinary networks and connections. An open-minded person with an interdisciplinary background herself, Dr. Carter enjoys seeing the magical reactions when different cultural elements meet and collide into each other.

To be more specific, Dr. Carter is now the director of SSRC’s DPDF (Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship) program. This program supports the development of innovative dissertation proposals in the humanities and social sciences by providing guided workshops, summer research and writing opportunities. Dr. Carter likes applicants who can bring vibrant new elements to the conversations happening during the program. She is especially interested in candidates with different cultural backgrounds, from different disciplines and with different personalities. In this way, she always keeps a teeming diversity within her cohort, which in turn provides innovative results through productive transcultural and interdisciplinary discussions.


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  1. Samantha Lee says:

    Great job Coco! An important aspect of a strong essay is communicating the significance of your dissertation project to an interdisciplinary audience. Your reviewers will be people in your discipline and other disciplines across the humanities and social sciences. Since reviewers will have different levels of familiarity with your research, it’s important to speak to the general audience. Directly address how significant your project is for the humanities and related social sciences.

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