Sitting on the Review Committee: Putting Yourself in Your Funder’s Shoes

For this week’s bloggers from Subgroups 2 and 4, we’re going to ask you to put on your imagination hats again, but this time to do something a little different. Select a single application component of your choice (perhaps the one you find most frustrating, confusing, or difficult to approach) and write a post considering what information YOU would want to read here if you were on a review committee.

Here’s the catch: in this imaginary scenario, you’re reading an application from someone in a completely different field. For example, if you are a comparative literature scholar, imagine reading a biologist’s statement of purpose. If you’re a chemical engineer, imagine reading an anthropologist’s work (and so forth).

What would you REALLY want to hear from that person? What would you REALLY need to know in order to understand their project and whether it fits into your organization’s mission? Putting yourself in an educated reader’s shoes will help you consider what your own readers might come up against, while also providing some great advice for your peers.

As a friendly reminder, blog posts are due here on GradFund Conversations by Thursday, June 25th, at 9pm. Comments are due on Sunday.

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