Sara McProgress of the NSF

Sorry for the late post! I definitely need to start setting reminders for myself…

Sara is an interdisciplinarian who loves the sciences and social sciences; in fact, she double-majored in neuroscience and political science as an undergrad. She also understands the power that the sciences have in terms of revolutionizing society, and she believes that it is a scientist’s responsibility to contribute to societal progress. In order to encourage and support innovation, it is extremely important to invest in diverse researchers with revolutionary ideas from a variety of disciplines. It is not enough for these nascent academics to be smart; they must also feel that it is their mission to dream big and contribute to the betterment of the world.

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2 Responses to Sara McProgress of the NSF

  1. Jen Novikov says:

    Hi Kathleen. Excellent post. Can you think about how Sara would capture the potential for societal progress/betterment? What are the markers she should be looking for? Similarly, how can an applicant convince her the ideas are “revolutionary”? Since Sara may not be an expert in your field, it would be hard for her to believe in the transformative power of your research. Maybe, she is looking for new ways or better understanding of some phenomena rather than the “transformation.”

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