150% Excellent

I was lucky to be born in an open-minded family that treats girls as equal to boys, possibly better than boys. I earned good grades all the way from elementary school to college. One of my father’s friends even jokingly explained his wish to replace the naughty, pampered son of his own with me. Nearly all of my female friends are the little princes of their family and they were sent to learn dancing, painting and etc. The traditional Chinese view of “girls are not important” seems traceless.

Until several years after graduation, I intended to jump to another company. During the interview, I was bombarded by the Human Resource personnel with questions like “Are you married?”, “Do you think you will not give birth to a child in the next 2 years?”. Although I successfully got the position, for the first time I realized male and female are not treated equally in the job market, especially for woman above the age of 25, who are likely to setup the family and deliver her first child. Company will be more likely to choose the male candidate for a position over female candidate, even if they are equally excellent. Even for me, I have to shamelessly admit that I prefer boys to girls when I was taking in new assistant engineer, when they are equally excellent, but if the girl is 150% excellent as the boy, that is another question.

There are various campaigns to promote the equity between man and women, however, there is still long way to go. Before that, the only thing for the female to remain competitive is to be at least 150% excellent as your male competitor.

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