Tissue Engineering: Round 2

My interest in tissue engineering started about eight years ago, when I spent the summer in a lab that was working on vascular engineering using different types of stem cells to create different types of blood vessels. The concept of creating a living part from individual components, whether from cells or bio-materials, captivated my interest. Ever since I focused my research on different aspects of tissue engineering and worked in biology labs, and chemistry labs, and studied bio-materials and cells, as well as different markers and growth factors.

Each research experience taught me something new, whether it was a new machine or procedure, a new scientific concept, or a new method of laboratory study and research. Each lab experience layered on top of the last one, helped develop my understanding and broadness of tissue engineering. I worked with different types of bio-materials, both in solid and liquid states, as well as multiple types of cells, imaging techniques, and machinery. But the most important thing I learned through my research is what to do when everything seems to be going wrong. I know to always take a step back, seek guidance from those more knowledgable then I am, and perhaps consider a different approach.

My understanding, as well as experience, make me an ideal candidate for your grant. You are looking for someone who is passionate about their work, and creatively looking to help the armed forces in their quest to rehabilitate our wounded warriors. My work in tissue engineering will enable some of our wounded vets to reintegrate into civilian life in an easier and more successful, natural process.

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1 Response to Tissue Engineering: Round 2

  1. The way you describe your years of learning is vivid, like a painting made of layers of variously hued brush strokes. Likewise, I enjoy your discussion of the passion you have for tissue engineering but it seems superficially connected to the desires of the funder, perhaps you could find a way to integrate it more completely.

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