Put Yourself in Others’ Shoes

Through communicating with my advisor as well as diverse people at Doctoral Funding Mentoring Program, I could understand what parts of writing I had to focus on to write more persuasive essays and research proposals, which would enhance the chance of being selected as the recipient for an award. Especially, advisor’s comments on my biweekly postings were of great assistance to me, as she pointed out what contents would be added to the postings or be changed, eventually letting me learn ways to draw attention from readers.

On the 3rd posting, my mentor reminded me of the preference and purpose of AAUW international Fellowship that I’m planning to apply for this year, which prefers to support women who had prior commitment to empowering women and girls. Based on the useful tips, I ended up coming up with related personal experiences and drawing up an outline without any difficulties.

After reviewing my 2nd writing on the website, she also told me to suggest a more persuasive proposal by emphasizing the importance of a research project and my ability to perform it completely, finally causing evaluators to feel keenly the necessity of financial support. I thought that, when proposing plans of study or research, I needed to make sure of detailed methodological aspects rather than simply describing abstract knowledge.

Lastly, based on my 4th essay, she gave me a helpful opinion that providing enough background information on previous research experiences is important, since it could get people to sympathize with your works, and thus to evaluate them better. Although the story I had experienced was too unclear due to lack of important factors such as outcomes or influences of the event at first, the writing could become more logical and interesting after revising it in more detail.

Not only am I surprised by the fact that I have improved much in writing an essay or a research plan through the mentoring program within a short period of time, but I am also pleased to express myself as well as my research ideas more clearly in writing.

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  1. It sounds like you’ve made a good deal of progress and are really polishing up your application essays. It’s really good that you’ve applied every step of the blogging and critiquing from your adviser towards your application and being a potentially more successful fundee.

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