Science for the People

College was a very eye-opening and mind-blowing experience for me. In grade school I feel like I learnt the same things over and over again, only in a little more depth and a bit more complexity each year. My appetite for learning grew over the years to the point that I didn’t want to leave university. But it was my experience as a teaching assistant my very last semester in college that I figured it all out. What’s the perfect career for a lifelong learner? An educator. A researcher. A professor.

The desire to learn new things and teach them to as many people as possible drives my passion to do what I do. Simple as that. Through research, you ask cutting-edge research questions and devise creative and innovative ways to answer them. Your results may verify an old hypothesis or challenge it, either way it’s new and exciting and deserves to be disseminated and taught to people of all ages and backgrounds. This is what I hope to do in my career, teach, research, and conduct science outreach. I hope to excite and inspire my future students just as the professors in my past did to me. Science literacy and appreciation starts with us and will grow and flourish through its communication and outreach. And then one day, kids will not just aspire to be actors, singers, and athletes, but biologists, physicists, and chemists too.

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1 Response to Science for the People

  1. I enjoyed your passionate views on teaching and being a professor, it is truly a lofty goal, I’ve known a number of people going down that path and it’s never easy, but on thing is for sure, it’s good that you’re polishing your grant application skills as soon as possible! You were a bit unclear however, exactly what area would you like to teach in, a STEM field, it seems?

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