The Value of the Mentoring Program

The most valuable thing I have gotten out of the past few weeks, is a good start on my applications. It is often difficult for me to begin such a daunting task, so not only getting started, but having a roughly completed application that requires a few tweaks is a relief. The best advice I can offer is to just get started, even if the writing is rough in the beginning, it’s better to have something to go off of rather than wondering where to start. I think, at this point, I understand what the funder wants and how to edit my application to best show that I am a good candidate, the difficulty will be in starting the next application. It’s still fairly difficult to speak with any confidence and not be very vague when talking about research because I have been working on a project over the summer but I have no idea what I will ultimately be working on. I am extremely thankful to have a start on this before the start of the new semester, and hopefully that will lead to less stress and a better crafted application.

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