The 2016 GradFund Mentoring Programs: What they offer and why you want to participate

Are there times when you wish you could join a writing boot camp in order to get on track with your writing projects?  The GradFund Mentoring Programs are our version of a proposal writing boot camp.

First offered in 2006, the GradFund Mentoring Programs offer Rutgers graduate students a structured environment in which to develop competitive fellowship and grant applications.   The summer is an ideal time to develop a fellowship or grant application for the upcoming fall deadline season.  Through the mentoring programs we seek to build a community of graduate students who through their prolonged engagement with proposal writing will learn the best practices of grantsmanship and proposal writing as they prepare their grant and fellowship applications.

This summer GradFund’s Mentoring Programs will run from June 1st- August 18 is open to all graduate students working on a funding applications. Program activities will include on-line tutorials and webinars, blogging, and individual appointments with GradFund’s team of graduate fellowship advisors, who will help guide participants through the program.

You can read more about how to apply on the GradFund website.

As you return from spring break, take a moment to visit our website, learn more about the mentoring program and begin to plan for your summer writing project.

Originally posted on  by . Lightly edited and updated by Carolyn Ureña.

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