Applying for the Fulbright IIE: GradFund Conversations Roundup

Are you considering applying for Fulbright IIE Fellowship this season? If so, please contact Assistant Dean Teresa Delcorso immediately to receive critical information about the application process.

Please also review the following blog post from GradFund’s analysis of over 100 past Fulbright applications.

As the series note reads,

“Using a number of different statistical techniques, we were able to identify three variables that consistently contributed to success: affiliation depth, literature citations, and the strength and coherence of the applicant’s thesis in the statement of purpose. The following blog entries address each of these individually and explain how you can tilt the odds of success in your favor.”

Click on the links below to learn more about:

“Affiliation Depth” and the Fulbright-IIE Research-Study Grant

Literature Citations, Literature Reviews, and the Fulbright IIE Research-Study Grant

The “Thesis” Variable and the Fulbright-IIE Research-Study Grant

Next week we’ll hear from a Rutgers graduate student who was awarded a Fulbright IIE fellowship for the upcoming year. Stay tuned for his advice on how to write a successful application!

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