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I am a postdoctoral associate in fellowship advising at the Graduate School-New Brunswick, Rutgers University.

Understanding your funder and the awards it offers

Why do organizations provide money for grants and fellowships? Knowing the answer to this question (which varies depending on the specific funder) helps elucidate the ways in which graduate students need to approach applying for external funding. Without knowing the … Continue reading

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SSRC Dissertation Proposal Development 2014 Fields Announced

The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship provides mentoring and summer research funds for site-specific preliminary dissertation work. The application for this year is now open, with a deadline of February 3, 2014, 5 p.m. EST. The … Continue reading

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The Art of the Abstract

Applications for competitive fellowships and grants often require a research abstract, but condensing big research ideas into a short blurb can be a challenging task. How does one go about writing an effective abstract? Think of the abstract as a … Continue reading

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Giving and Working with Peer Feedback

How does one approach providing feedback to peers on grant and fellowship application drafts? This summer, many of you will be participating in the Graduate Funding Mentoring Program where you will work with peers to develop competitive application essays. The … Continue reading

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Completion Fellowships: Understanding your Options

Completion fellowships provide doctoral students a year of financial support to finish writing their dissertation. These fellowships not only provide financial support for those whose funding packages may have run out by the time they start working on their dissertation, … Continue reading

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How to Describe Teaching in a Fellowship Application

Applications for external funding competitions occasionally require a teaching statement or personal statement that focuses on teaching. However, even if you have years of classroom experience, it may be challenging to succinctly communicate your effectiveness in the classroom. The following … Continue reading

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