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Gaining a Fresh Perspective on an Old Document

Are you so tired of your proposal that you’d rather do anything than read it again? Here are a few strategies for getting fresh perspective on an old document. Explain the proposal to someone – Ask a friend or colleague … Continue reading

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Presenting Your Work to Multidisciplinary Audiences

Figuring out how to communicate your research to different audiences can be tough, as anyone who is managing multiple applications can tell you. It can be even tougher, though, to figure out how to do so in the same application. … Continue reading

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Feedback from Multiple Sources

Revision is the hardest part of the proposal writing process for some people. The prospect of learning how to manage feedback from multiple sources and combine them into a coherent next draft can be daunting. Figuring out how to weigh … Continue reading

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Engaging with Program Officers

When we held the GradFund Fall Conference in September, one of the most popular panels featured program officers from a variety of foundations who shared advice and insights from the program officer’s perspective. The most agreed upon advice? Contact the … Continue reading

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Bird’s Eye View – A Timeline for Applying for Funding

Because research funding is cyclical, it’s good to be thinking in advance, often far in advance, about what your next funding move should be. This post is an overview of the funding process. Our blog has more in-depth discussions of … Continue reading

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What Will You Do When? The Art of Designing a Persuasive Timeline

Many fellowships and grants require either an informal or formal timeline to be included with your proposal. The best timelines are persuasive documents that give reviewers the sense that you have a good idea of how your research is going … Continue reading

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Parlez-vous français? The ins and outs of Funding for Language Training

Graduate students who conduct research on non-English speaking countries need to achieve a degree of fluency in a foreign language that will support their research. Many graduate programs require competency in one or more foreign languages. Even if your program … Continue reading

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