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Responding to Reviewer Comments

As aspiring academics, rejection is just one of those things we have to get used to- many excellent peer-reviewed papers, academic book proposals, and of course grant applications went through multiple rounds of “no” before the final “yes.” Within this … Continue reading

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Understanding the Review Process

What happens to your application after you press “submit?” Does it disappear into a black box that processes your materials according to some complex algorithm and spits out a list of winners automatically after a predetermined waiting period? Does it … Continue reading

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American Association of University Women Fellowships

Each fall, our office receives multiple requests for review of proposals to the various award programs offered by the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Generally speaking, the AAUW seeks to support the educational and professional advancement of women through … Continue reading

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In-Residence Fellowships for Research and Writing

In the dissertation research and writing stages, perhaps among the most under-utilized external funding mechanisms are fellowships that offer support to young scholars spend a semester or academic year in residence at a library, research center, or other university. While … Continue reading

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Archival Research Grants and Fellowships

Will your thesis or dissertation research lead you into the pages of historical manuscripts or rare books found only in a few libraries in the world? Will you need to examine collections of photographs, paintings, or fine prints? Will historical … Continue reading

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Proposal Writing 101

At a basic level, nearly all merit-based graduate student award applications (from early graduate study to completion fellowships) include a set of common elements. If you have never written a proposal before, or are beginning a new draft, the suggestions … Continue reading

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Keys to the Castle? Strategic Use of Sample Proposals

On more than one occasion during my time as a GradFund Fellowship Advisor, I have met with students who seem to hold winning sample proposals from previous competitions to an almost mythical regard. By cracking the code, analyzing the formula, … Continue reading

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Crafting the Research Question

A well-reviewed research proposal is typically built around one specific research question. Crafting this pivotal detail can be challenging, and we offer a number of suggestions to students at this formative stage in the proposal-writing process. A good question should … Continue reading

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Presenting Your Qualifications: Previous Research Statements

Previous research statements are a common element of applications for a wide range of awards, from early graduate study fellowships to dissertation research grants. Sometimes funders request a previous research statement as a separate document, while others ask for a … Continue reading

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Salesmanship: Appealing to Your Funder

A common mistake made by novice proposal writers is writing the research proposal for an external award application from their own perspective alone, or from the perspective of their thesis or dissertation advisor: I need money to do X, my … Continue reading

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