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Responding to Short Answer Questions Effectively

Short answer questions are an important part of the external fellowship application, therefore, you should put a significant amount of effort into crafting your answers. While presenting a thoughtful and concise response, be sure to demonstrate experiences that support your … Continue reading

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Managing Application Anxieties in 7 Steps

As graduate students, we experience some level of stress with school work, finances, assistantships and much more.  Applying for external funding can feel overwhelming at times.  It is “normal” to feel anxious about the process and while we cannot completely eliminate … Continue reading

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Your Advisor as a Grant Proposal Writing Collaborator

While every advisor-student relationship is unique and different, your advisor will become a close collaborator throughout your graduate career and become a facilitator of your success. Developing a working relationship with your advisor will help you define your goals and career trajectory.  The advisor … Continue reading

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Got Places to Go? Funding Your Conference Travel

In the blog post, “Planning for Travel Funding,” we discussed finding grant and fellowship opportunities to fund dissertation research that requires you to travel to a research site.  Today, we will discuss obtaining funding to attend conferences.

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The Quest to Find Funding: Navigating Pivot

Hello, Doctoral Funding Mentoring Program Participants and GradFund Conversation Readers! Today, I will be introducing you to a helpful online tool, the Pivot Database.   Rutgers subscribes to the service to allow students, faculty, and staff to find external funding opportunities. … Continue reading

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