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Funding in Engineering – Advice from a Fellowship Advisor

There is funding available at each stage of graduate study for students of engineering. The funding opportunities vary, as with any other field, based on personal information, field of study, and research site, amongst other criteria. Graduate Student Fellowships: Early … Continue reading

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The Importance of Experience

I’ve been reflecting a lot on how my previous academic, professional and fieldwork experiences have influenced my dissertation project lately. I’m sure that’s a function of not only being in the field currently but also my participating in this mentoring program. I have … Continue reading

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Grant and Fellowship Bulletin Board

Series note:  We are pleased to launch the GradFund Grant and Fellowship Bulletin Board.  Each week we will post to our electronic bulletin board the grant and fellowship announcements that have arrived in the GradFund office.  This is a great … Continue reading

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This is mystory…

I doubt I know where…exactly where to begin, though mystory is not a mystery. But every story begins somewhere and leaves the premise to the imagination of the reader. I am Gabriel Bamgbose from Nigeria. I am an incoming doctoral student … Continue reading

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Touring GradFund’s Digital Content

GradFund’s digital content has been expanding rapidly over the past few years, so you’re probably wondering where to start and what we have to offer. Well, follow me, I’ll show you around our corner of the web! First Stop: GradFund … Continue reading

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Planning for Travel Funding

Does your research require travel to a research site? There are a wide range of grants and fellowships that fund dissertation research at archives, ethnographic work, and scientific training abroad. As such, if your doctoral training will require travel at … Continue reading

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The GradFund Conference: What is Happening and Why You Want to Attend!

Join us on April 1st for the GradFund Conference!  A biennial event, the GradFund conference offers Rutgers graduate students workshops, panels and individual guidance on how to apply for merit-based funding effectively. The workshops scheduled for this year focus on … Continue reading

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The GradFund Mentoring Programs: What they offer and why you want to participate

Are there times when you wish you could join a writing boot camp in order to get on track with your writing projects?  The GradFund Mentoring Programs are our version of a proposal writing boot camp. First offered in 2005, … Continue reading

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Archival Research Grants and Fellowships

Will your thesis or dissertation research lead you into the pages of historical manuscripts or rare books found only in a few libraries in the world? Will you need to examine collections of photographs, paintings, or fine prints? Will historical … Continue reading

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Presenting Your Work to Multidisciplinary Audiences

Figuring out how to communicate your research to different audiences can be tough, as anyone who is managing multiple applications can tell you. It can be even tougher, though, to figure out how to do so in the same application. … Continue reading

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