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How to Write a 500-Word Application

Often funders will set low word count limits for essay within grant or fellowship applications. It eases the organization’s review process, but puts applicants in a bind. How do you sum up potentially years of complex field specific data into a clear and … Continue reading

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The Four “C”s of Grant Writing

An effective grant application will be clear, concise, comprehensive, and compelling. These four “C”s may help you focus the drafting and revision process for any application. Clear Aim to describe your research project so that it is intelligible to an … Continue reading

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Reaching Out: Professional Writing and Email

Hello GradFund readers! This post will discuss the etiquette involved in professional communication. If you are anything like me, you obsess over every little detail within the simplest communications. Email drafts sit in my inbox for days, weeks, or even … Continue reading

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Writing for Multiple Audiences

One of the most challenging aspects of applying for funding is the need to write for multiple audience. How do you balance demonstrating your expertise in a particular field with the fact that, at some stage in the review process, your … Continue reading

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Responding to Short Answer Questions Effectively

Short answer questions are an important part of the external fellowship application, therefore, you should put a significant amount of effort into crafting your answers. While presenting a thoughtful and concise response, be sure to demonstrate experiences that support your … Continue reading

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